VO+ Jewellery Lifestyle Magazine, Dubai: Spring Summer 2016

VO +  Dubai Spring Summer 2016 Article Bellerby and CO Globemakers.png

PDF of whole magazine here: 2016_137_VO+_Dubai

VO +  Dubai Spring Summer 2016 Cover

VO+ MAGAZINE looks to the future by continuing to provide information on products, trends, emerging markets and the latest news so that the challenges of a rapidly evolving business sector can be faced with awareness.

VO+ proposes in-depth investigations into current affairs, interviews with top people, columns by opinion leaders, focus on economy, marketing and retail.

With more than 50,000 copies distributed in top economies worldwide through newsagents, concept stores, hotels and exclusive boutiques, VO+ MAGAZINE also has  a mailing list of 45,000 jewellery business professionals throughout the world: producers, retailers, wholesalers, buyers as well as leaders and key players in such fields as the media and publishing, fashion, design and art. The magazine also has another 5,000 subscribers from all over the globe. And, last but not least, there is also an iPad version.


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