Beyond Magazine : June 2016 : The World In 7 Objects

WBeyond_Magazine_St_Regis_2016_Covere are in this months Beyond Magazine (St. Regis) which we have scanned in below but you can also read online here.

“From an ancient Chinese snuff bottle and a tiara fit for a princess to Turkey’s tastiest sweetmeat: an extraordinary array of objects, each with a story to tell.”

“Demand for globes has rocketed in the past decade. Yet for the most part, today’s globes are a far cry from exquisitely made antique versions, which are expensive and often too delicate for everyday display. A hand-painted Bellerby & Co. globe, like the exquisite “Livingstone” model pictured, takes a vast amount of expertise to complete, as the firm’s founder Peter Bellerby discovered when he decided to make a globe for his father’s 80th birthday.”

The June 2016 Magazine :

Beyond_Magazine_St_Regis_2016 1_LowerRes Beyond_Magazine_St_Regis_2016_Copy

Online Magazine Version :

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 15.10.46Beyond_St_Regis_Online_June_2016


Back to our main website :

Choosing a globe by colour .. click here for a blog post


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