We are in the current issue of J’aipur Journal.

The debut issue of J’AIPUR Journal—part-magazine, part-creative journal—includes 64 pages of interviews, inspirational quotes and creative exercises.. inviting you to slow down and interact with the stories that you read.

With a beautiful illustrated cover (finished in metallic gold ink), the magazine is beautifully bound and offset-printed on superior, post-consumer waste paper with ultralow-VOC vegetable oil-based ink and in a 100% carbon neutral print facility.

The issue is ad-free issue and published by J’AIPUR Studio in Brooklyn, New York. You can buy it online here.

Photos by Alun Callender, Stuart Freedman, Jade Fenster, Andrew Meredith, Tom Bunning and Ana Santl.

Jaipur_Journal_2017 0Jaipur_Journal_2017 1Jaipur_Journal_2017 2 Jaipur_Journal_2017 3 Jaipur_Journal_2017 4Jaipur_Journal_2017 5Jaipur_Journal_2017 6Jaipur_Journal_2017 7Jaipur_Journal_2017 8Jaipur_Journal_2017 9Jaipur_Journal_2017 10Jaipur_Journal_2017 11Jaipur_Journal_2017 12Jaipur_Journal_2017 13

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