Making Of : Bellerby & Co’s “World Like Nowhere Else” Globe for Royal Ascot

A video behind the scenes sharing the story of the making of the bespoke globe for Royal Ascot by Bellerby Globemakers as well as a feature on ITV (UK television).

The Royal Procession, Ascot’s iconic Greencoats, the finest thoroughbreds running through waves, a statue of Yeats, a fleet of helicopters, well-dressed ladies, a Champagne waterfall, a floating cake stand representing Afternoon Tea and the famous Bandstand are just some of the highlights, that together tell the story of everything that Royal Ascot represents.

Juliet Slot, Commercial Director, Ascot Racecourse says, “Our ‘World Like Nowhere Else’ globe celebrates the rich offering that has and continues to evolve at Royal Ascot for hundreds of years, bringing relevance and vibrancy to an art form that has been passed through generations.

Ascot Racecourse unveiled the one-of-a-kind piece at The Goring Hotel in London on Wednesday 1st March, it will then embark on a journey around the capital and the South of England for members of the public to see.

Afterwards, it will take centre-stage at the racecourse for Royal Ascot from Tuesday 20th – Saturday 24th June. |


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