Lufthansa Magazin : July 2017

We are in the current issue of Lufthansa Magazine, the inflight magazine for the airline.Lufthansa_Magazin_Magazine_July_2017

Notes on above …

Peter never owned a nightclub – he helped a friend set up a music venue and bar that sometimes had club night but that was just something he did for fun rather than a serious profession.

Factory… we consider ourselves more of an art studio! Factory makes me think of this :

The most expensive globe in question is The Churchill, at 127cm in diameter, we produce just one of these a year as they take around 6 months from start to finish. The next size down is the 80cm Galileo or Curve (priced a lot lower).

The Louvre have commissioned us to make a remake of a Coronelli globe using the original copper plates, this is still in progress. The copperplate engravings made in 1684 show constellations such as mythical figures and animals (a celestial globe).

Photo thanks to Ana Santl –

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