We are in the current issue of Durrah Magazine.

You can read it online here : https://issuu.com/durrahluxury/docs/durrah_issue_38

‘DURRAH’ is Bahrain’s premier quarterly English-language luxury lifestyle magazine.

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‘DURRAH’ (meaning ‘pearl’ in Arabic) targets an elite audience of executives, high-net worth individuals, and decision makers in the private and public sectors across the Gulf region. Launched in September 2008, they currently print 10,000 copies of the magazine and personally distribute them to a selected client list in Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and Oman.

They regularly feature exclusive international articles that showcase figures and topics that appeal to an international audience. The magazine is free of advertorials and regular listings. Following an Islamic- compliant approach, ‘DURRAH’ has a captive audience among HNIs in Saudi Arabia.

Public access is available online at www.durrah.bh but subscription is only available by invitation.

More info about Bellerby & Co – www.bellerbyandco.com


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