Belle Magazine : Dec / Jan 2017 – 2018

Proud to be on Sibella Court’s Wishlist. Featured is the Albion 80 in Prussian Blue.

Sibella Court is an interior stylist, historian, creative director, product designer … host of Restoration Australia and award-winning author of titles such as EtceteraThe Stylist’s Guide to NYCNomadBowerbird and Gypsy, Sibella celebrates lo-fi styling and decorating with the pieces you love, tapping into a trend towards the slow-style movement and repurposing homewares and accessories steeped in history that appeal to the individual.

Pulling inspiration from all over the globe, Sibella’s impressive resume ticks off postings in Australia early on in her styling career, though a one-way ticket to New York City in her twenties was the start of her eternal globetrotting spirit, a stint which also saw her cut her styling and concepting teeth with such powerhouses as Bergdorf Goodman, Jo Malone, Donna Karan, Anthropologie, West Elm and Saks Fifth Avenue. Though now she spends her time between Sydney and Byron Bay, the calling of places unknown is never far from her and she seeks out adventure wherever she can find it, which in turn inspires her unparalleled approach to design. She claims to be part Gypsy, part Pirate; a theory yet to be disproved.

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 00.14.07

Bellerby & Co Globemakers :


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